1. Format

2. Merchandise

3. Writers and collaborations

4. Story

5. Timeline

6. Goals, payment, shipping etc.



1. Format:



- DIN A5 (148 x 210 mm)

- 1754 x 2480 px, CMYK Mode, 300ppi, 3mm bleeding area (full page size, artworks may vary in size, f.e. Polaroid photos, postcards, photo-cut-outs, scribbles...)

- hardcover book, 115g pages inside, 48 to 64 pages total



2. Merchandise:


- Stickers

- Acrylic charms

- Postcards (like greeting cards from remarkable places?)

- Prints of Polaroids etc.

- Bookmarks



3. Writers and collaborations:


It is possible to collaborate with a writer or other artist to work on a page together. In addition, it is possible to submit more than one piece, especially if you choose to create smaller artworks.

Writers may create short stories, notes, dialogs, letters, backsides of postcards and so on with a maximum lenght of 1,5 DIN A5 pages, or, as in the picture below, 450 to 500 words with a text size of 11pt.



4. Story:


The zine will follow Tressa's entries while traveling with the group. The works will be inspired by travel banter and story scenes or how you imagine their everyday life on their journey. There will be an artwork with each character in focus and then several artworks with this character in interaction with other characters.

Please don't display any love relationships between the travelers. Friendship and platonic love is ok, but we don't want to assume ships as everyone has different preferences.



5. Timeline:


- Start: 27th January

- WIP check: 17th March

- Deadline: 28th April

- Pre-orders opening: around 1st May

- Pre-orders closed: around 1st June

- Production: Once the pre-orders are closed



6. Goals, payment, shipping:


Our primary goal is to provide a free book, merchandise and shipping for all artists. If we raise more money than needed to cover these costs, the profit gets distributed equally among the artists. Therefore, we will need a PayPal or Ko-Fi address to which we can send your share. The books will be printed in Germany.


Artwork sizes

Text space for writers (new word count 450 - 500 words, but may be more)