Which format will the artworks have?

The book will be DIN A5 (148x210mm), therefore, a full page has 1754 x 2480 px. This would also be the size of a full-page illustration (with 3mm bleeding area). Sizes for smaller artworks vary; please have a look at this sheet: 
Example sizes


Which colour mode should I use?

CMYK colour mode, with 300dpi please.


How should I save the file?

It would be best to save your artwork as .psd, .ai, .pdf or .tif!

If you cannot save it in CMYK colour mode, please ask Kiwi to convert the file for you.


May I add my signature on the artworks?

Yes of course!





What is the background story of the zine?

The zine should be the imagination of Tressa’s Travel Journal she picks up at Leon’s ship. After following the entries of the book, she decides to write her own adventures in the diary. Therefore, the zine will follow these entries, her memories of her journey with the other travellers, people she met, places she visited, enemies they fought together and their everyday life.


How many pages will the zine have?

We plan of creating a zine with 48 to 64 pages.


May I to draw or write NSFW scenes?

No, please keep the content SFW!


I love the shipping xxx and yyy! May I create a piece about their love relationship?

No, please do not display any love relationships between the travellers. Friendship is ok. We do not want to assume any ships since everyone has a different taste in that.


How about AU and different clothes, places, different interpretations of the characters? Please stick to the original designs and aesthetics of the game’s world as well as portraying them as they appear in the game. If you are unsure, feel free to ask a moderator to discuss ideas.


Are subclass outfits okay?

Yes, you may draw the travellers in the subclass outfits.





How does collaboration work?

Based on your preference for specific characters or scenes, we might team you up with a writer/artist.





How will we get paid for our work?

The first goal is to cover all intern costs and provide a free zine and shipping for the artists and writers. Everything beyond that goal will be split equally among the artist. For this, please provide a PayPal account to which we can send your share of the profit. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific amount of money.


Will we get a free copy and shipping of the zine?

Providing a free copy of the zine and also free international shipping is our primary goal.



Posting Art:


When will I be allowed to post my artwork/ story?

Once the pre-orders are over, you may post your artwork wherever you want. If possible, please tag the zine’s Twitter page.


May I post or stream WIPs or previews?

WIPs or streams that do not show the full artworks are ok, but they have to be cropped. In case of doubt, you can always ask one of the moderators.





I am unsure if I can show a WIP or finished piece in time, what should I do?

If you already have the feeling you won’t be able to finish your artwork/ story within the given time, please let us know ASAP so we could either call a backup artist or expand the deadline.